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Temple Terrace Hot Tub Moving

Hot tub moving is one of the most common household tasks for people who enjoy relaxing and soaking in the tub. For those who have more than one, the task can become an even larger challenge. This is because the spa itself is often very heavy and requires several strong people to move. Moving this large hot tub requires skill and care to ensure that no damage occurs to your expensive investment. Here are some tips for moving hot tubs safely that you should consider following.

If you plan to move a hot tub more than once, it is important to contact a professional hot tub moving company to estimate the additional cost of renting a moving truck. This laborious, physically challenging form of move usually requires several specialized tools in order to move large, heavy hot tubs properly. An average hot tub without significant water usually weighs approximately 900 pounds.

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In many cases movers charge a flat rate for moving a spa or it may be an additional cost for loading and unloading the spa as well. It is imperative to have all charges included in the moving invoice when you give the moving company permission to pick up and carry your spa. In some instances movers charge only the first week of moving when a nonrefundable deposit is paid.

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Prior, to the moving day it is important to schedule the delivery of the portable spa so you will know the exact date and time the moving company will arrive. Make sure that all of your equipment such as electronics and appliances are thoroughly cleaned before the movers arrive. Many movers charge a fee for cleaning too. You may be able to remove the need for specialized cleaners if you arrange beforehand for the moving company to use a carpet cleaner.

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It is not unusual for individuals to hire movers to help them relocate a spa if they are from out of state. You may want to look online to find reputable Texas Elite moving company that can move you and your spa in one easy trip. Hot tub relocation is usually faster and less expensive if all of your furnishings are prepared before the movers arrive. This includes packing up all of your personal items to make them easier to transport to the new home.

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When the professional movers arrive to help you with your Hot Tub moving you can expect them to evaluate the situation and determine how much the entire move will cost. They will calculate how much space is available and what appliances and other furnishings will need to be moved. Then they will provide you with a cost estimate in writing. If you agree upon any part of the estimate provided then the rest of the bill will be determined by you.

Best Hot Tub Moving in Temple Terrace, Florida

When it comes to hiring movers for Hot Tub moving you should take the time to compare services among several moving companies. Do some research and find a moving company that offers a reasonable estimate with a reasonable price tag. You should also consider using referrals when possible. Ask your family, friends, coworkers or co-workers who they used to have their Hot Tub moved to. A moving company that has been recommended by someone you trust will likely perform a better job.

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The moving company will charge you based on the total distance being moved. So, it will not be uncommon for the bill to exceed the amount of money that you save by renting moving trucks. Hot Tub consolidating and then relocating your spa will be a very fast and simple process that is designed to save you time and money. Renting trucks can take up to two days, so you may want to ask your moving company if they offer a consolidated move. With this type of consolidated move you will have your spa all ready to be relocated to your new house in only a few hours.

Hot Tub Moving Temple Terrace FL