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Town 'n' Country Hot Tub Moving

Moving a Hot Tub involves a lot of physical labor and energy. If you want to save some money in moving your hot tub, here are some handy tips to consider. You do not have to spend a fortune just to get it moved. You can do it all yourself without hiring a professional moving company.

How to move a hot tub: Before starting off with how to move a hot tub, you must first prepare your home for the big job. This means that you must drain all water out of your spa and any pipes connected to it. The old pump should be removed and the pipes on both sides of the spa drained as well. Ensure that you empty all garbage bins out of your home as this is the last thing you need to see when you get ready to move it. Once this is complete, you can start off with how to move a hot tub.

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Using furniture dollies is one of the most important steps when you want to know how to move a hot tub. It is much more convenient and safe than trying to move it on your own. Furniture dollies come in different sizes depending on how much space you have. The bigger the size, the more convenient the furniture dollies are so it is advisable to get the largest size you can afford.

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You can call up a moving company or you can search for them online and make a few calls. Ask the moving company how to move hot tubs and they will tell you the best way to go about doing it. There are many moving companies that specialize in the moving of hot tubs and they will surely have the equipment and the knowledge on how to move it safely. Make sure you ask the moving company if they have experience with the kind of furniture you have so you can be assured that they are equipped with the best way to move it.

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Once you have made all the arrangements, the last thing you need to worry about is how to move it. Start off by disengaging any accessories attached to it like cabinets and doors. Remove all loose articles so you can give the mover’s the free space they need. When this is done, load it onto the bed of the truck. Do not overload the truck, as this might cause damage to your hot tub moving.

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Once the items have been loaded, the truck driver will remove it from the bed and set it on the ground. It is important that you listen to what the truck driver says because if you do not, there is a big chance that the items could fall off. Then the driver will strap the hot tub moving equipment onto the truck and drive it offsite. You might want to prepare the ground by clearing away any rocks or any other obstacles that might get in the way of the relocation process.

Best Hot Tub Moving in Town 'n' Country, Florida

The next thing you need to do is to secure the ramp leading to the vehicle. You can do this by setting up straps around the base or the wheels to ensure that the ramp is stable. If you have a lot of freestanding hot tubs, then it would be good to place these on the ground as well. These are especially good for freestanding models but you should check with the moving company if it is okay to use the freestanding ones or not. Once the ramp is secure, lower the unit onto the trailer. Make sure you disengage any wheels to prevent any accidents.

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The last step is to strap in the special equipment. Once the unit is securely strapped to the trailer, you should note how much weight the unit can handle before removing it from the trailer. Maintain records so that you can calculate an accurate mover companies’ on-site hot tub moving cost. Then compare these figures with the quotes from various movers. You can also request for a written estimate from the mover companies to ensure that they provide you with an accurate cost. You can then use this to finalize your budget and set a time frame for moving.