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When moving heavy furniture on your own, you’ll often find difficulty figuring out how to tackle the seemingly tedious task. In addition, carrying heavy boxes and large furniture pieces is extremely strenuous for your back and skeletal joints. Trying to move the heavy loads alone can cause injury and possibly even result in a serious accident. To avoid these accidents, it is advisable to hire a professional mover who can ensure your safety and deliver an effective move. Here are some helpful tips from a professional moving company to help you move heavy furniture with ease.

The first and most important safety precaution to take when moving furniture on your own is safety of yourself and those around you. First, make sure that everyone in your group is physically capable of taking the load. If one person cannot handle a certain piece of furniture, ask that individual to step aside. Next, remember that sliders and casters are not safe when being moved alone. Always have someone along when using these two important pieces of furniture. Having someone to assist you with the move will increase your chances of success as well as lessen the possibility of damaging the furniture while trying to maneuver it.

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If you are trying to move furniture in tight spaces, it is important that you use proper tools. A power drill is ideal for installing doorways and for the initial stages of the move. Be sure to lubricate the drill and pay special attention to the trigger so you do not accidentally hit it when turning or tightening the bolt. The use of a power tool will make the job much easier and reduce the potential for injury.

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Using heavy furniture sliders and casters may also help to make the process easier. Some people may even be able to move heavy furniture with just their hands, while others will need to have someone to assist them. Keep in mind that using a power tool will increase the possibility of damaging the furniture, so take special care when handling these items.

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When moving large furniture with a lot of weight, consider the use of moving blankets. Moving blankets are very useful when trying to cover large areas because they allow you to rest the back of your legs without risking damage to the heavier pieces of furniture. Moving blankets can be placed under the bottom wheels of large furniture to protect the back of your legs from paint chipping. In addition, moving blankets can be purchased in different sizes and lengths and are usually sold in coordinating colors and patterns.

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Other items that can make the moving of heavy furniture easier include dressers and other furniture pads. Before placing heavy objects on dressers or other furniture pads, test the pads to ensure that they will not crack or break. Also, do not try to force heavy objects into tight spaces. First, make sure that the space is large enough for the object and then place it. Most likely, the padding will provide adequate cushioning but if not, consult the owner’s manual for recommended padding thicknesses and types.

Best One Piece Moves in Westchase, Florida

For the last step, you will need to know exactly what you ll need for this step. Knowing what you will need for this step ensures that you do not waste time or money on supplies that you don’t need. By knowing the dimensions of your job, as well as the type of supplies that you will need, it will ensure that you don’t get charged for items that you will have at home already. Keep in mind that most moving companies charge an additional fee for tape measures.

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When moving furniture, be sure to consider all of the safety precautions that are required for this task. While most movers near Florida provide these services, some will skip over this responsibility to save money. For this reason, it is critical that you have all of these items already. The more you know about moving heavy furniture, the better prepared you will be.

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