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Furniture delivery is one of the things that most people would look forward for especially if they are relocating. Relocating is indeed an exciting moment, which needs full preparation and careful consideration. When it comes to packing your things and furniture delivery, there are so many things to consider. For sure, one of these will be how to move furniture with the help of furniture movers.

Moving your furniture requires proper planning, packing, and transportation of the items. You can expect the movers to help you with these activities especially when you hire their services. But of course, the decision on how to proceed with the moving activity rests on your own. In order to help you with your next moving activity, here are a few tips on how to pack and ship your furniture.

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The first thing to do is to determine the size of your furniture. You have to take note that mover will not only load your furniture pieces but they also need to load them in an organized manner. Therefore, you should also include the dimension of each furniture piece you want to ship so that the mover will be able to deliver the right furniture pieces to the right destination. Knowing the exact dimensions of your furniture will avoid unnecessary delays or other problems during the delivery process.

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Then, you need to prepare your container for the movement. If you are hiring professional furniture movers, you don’t have to worry because they will already have a container prepared before hand. But if you are going to move the items yourself, you have to prepare the container on your own. It is still best to hire professional furniture movers because they are experienced in preparing the moving containers.

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After preparing the container, you should remove any items inside. You should remove your furniture from its original box or boxes and put them in your new container. If you will be using your own furniture movers, you just have to put the box inside the moving van. Then, you need to secure the lid of the container. You can use plastic sheets or straps to keep the lid tight so that your furniture will not fly out of the box when the movers are moving it.

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Furthermore, you should remove any cushions, pillows and accent furniture to prevent their relocation. However, if you don’t have these items, you can simply pack them in a bag with soft fabric to protect their soft surfaces. Movers will be removing these furniture and putting them into their new container. So you need to ensure their safety first before moving them.

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Once everything is ready, you can start preparing the actual furniture. You will first have to measure the furniture pieces so that you can have them organized as well. After that, you should remove the padding of each piece so you will be able to get the perfect fit for your belongings. In addition, you can start stuffing the furniture so that it will not move around too much during the transportation. At this point, the furniture movers can assist you by placing the padded pieces on top of one another and pressing them firmly. The movers can easily lift the big furniture pieces and place them inside the smaller ones.

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Once everything is done, the transportation will start immediately. The delivery service will deliver all the items to your house or office. The delivery services offer a wide range of services including furniture delivery to local area, nationwide and international destinations. So, you can choose a reliable furniture delivery company in your area to help you store your belongings for a long time.

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