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When you think about moving a piano, you probably picture a large piano being hauled on flatbed trucks, or perhaps wheeled along in a hearse. This is not the only way to move a piano; however, most piano movers offer this service. Many local movers also offer other services, such as moving tables, pianos, or furniture. For long distance piano moving, long distance movers will generally charge you between one hundred fifty and eight hundred dollars, depending on the distance. Cost depends also on various overhead charges such as gas mileage, insurance, etc.

The type of piano being moved is an important factor when considering moving prices. Most moving companies will quote a flat rate, which is the price for one thousand pounds. Some companies will quote a rate for one truck, four trucks, or twelve trucks. Other factors that need to be considered include the size of the piano and the distance being moved. Local movers quote a local flat rate, which is usually cheaper than moving pianos across state lines. If the distance is longer, the local rate will be higher.

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When comparing flat piano moving costs, it is important to determine which service you need. Is the move simply a local matter? If so, local movers are likely to quote less. Also, if movers have already done some of the work for you, local movers will be able to pass on their savings. A good rule of thumb is to estimate your moving costs using three different services. Then, use the calculators at moving companies’ websites to see how much it would cost to move the whole family.

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The final question in determining the average cost of piano moving is the type of piano being moved. The more expensive the piano is, the more it will cost. However, there are many ways to move an expensive piano. Some people have their pianos professionally transported, while others choose to do the moving themselves. No matter which method is chosen, the average piano moving cost will be dependent on several factors.

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Most moving companies calculate long-distance piano moving costs by adding two things: the cost of renting a truck and the local move cost. Long-distance piano movers quote local move prices first, then add the truck rental and local movers fees. The local move is the cost most companies consider the most troublesome. Hiring a truck and driver can be difficult and expensive, especially if there is little room to maneuver. It can take up to a month to load a long-distance piano onto a truck and make the move successfully.

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In addition to local moves, many moving professionals will quote you a flat rate for moving your piano from town to town. This may include only unpacking the piece and securing it at the new home and does not include any overhead such as handling humidity or noise control. For higher priced pieces, the flat rate may include humidity control and handling noise, but may also include labor for cleaning up the piano after moving it. Local movers may need to know if there are any restrictions such as noise limits or laws concerning humidity and loading height.

Best Piano Movers in Shady Hills, Florida

If you’re moving from one house to another and don’t have a lot of space, you may need to consider crating. Piano crating is when a professional mover provides a specially designed crane with hoists that lift and place the piano onto the crating base, making it easier to move. Crating costs vary depending on the size and weight of your piece; so consult a professional to get a better idea of crating costs.

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Whether you’re moving from a house to a condo to a mobile home across town, the best way to move a piano across town is to use professional movers. They’ll take care of the details such as the unloading and unpacking and make arrangements for the transport. You can often save money by doing it yourself, but the time savings may be greater. And remember, when moving a piano across town, it’s important to have it insured. Piano movers are great for short moves as well as long distance moves.

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