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Many people wonder how to move a piano. If you have an upright piano, or another kind that weighs more than seven pounds, it is important to realize that moving it can be difficult. Even upright pianos, at times, can be heavy. It is difficult to move them by just lifting them, without the use of a dolly or other moving device. In most cases, the only way to move an upright piano is to hire a local piano mover. You will pay more for local movers, but the end results will be worth it.

The first thing you want to do, when trying to figure out your piano moving cost, is to understand how long it takes to move an upright piano. Local movers generally charge an average cost of sixty dollars per hour, with a minimum of two hours, with standard delivery. The actual moving time, in miles, can vary widely. Generally, average piano moving cost is about $300 for each additional mile, on a long distance move.

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For pianos in the New York City area, you can save money by using piano moving specialists. There are professionals who know how to move pianos, and they have the proper equipment to do so. Professionals also have the knowledge of where to find a new home for the pianos during their move.

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The best way to save money is to contact local piano moving specialists and ask how long it will take to move your piano. The number of hours usually depends on the type and quality of the instrument. Usually, top of the line spinet pianos are more difficult to move than most antique and family piano. A professional will also be able to give you a quote based on your location and average moving time for the size of your piano. Most piano movers will be licensed, insured and able to provide you with a price quote over the telephone prior to the actual move. The estimate will be based on the number of hours it takes, whether there are stairs or not, and other variables.

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How long does it take to move an upright piano across town? It depends on how far away it is, how many rooms there are to cover, and other variables. If you want to move it more than two hours, there are companies that provide same day service, but expect to pay a bit more. If you only need the piano moved in the same city, a local piano moving company is your best choice. However, if you move it within a larger area, you will probably save on the price as long as you are prepared for the move.

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How heavy is the piano? Some moving specialists have specialized dollies that can move pianos up to 100 pounds, and others are capable of moving larger ones. The actual weight of the piano will depend on the age and general size of it, as well as the type and year it was made. The heaviest pianos are usually best handled by movers requiring specialized moving equipment.

Best Piano Movers in Westchase, Florida

How long does it take to move an upright piano across town? The amount of time depends on the size and the weight, as well as the distance the piano needs to be transported. Typically, piano movers require at least three days to move an upright piano across the city. This includes days of packing and loading, unloading, and new placement. For larger pianos, this can be a few weeks of moving, depending on the distance and the weight.

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Can I protect my musical instrument by having a professional piano moving company to handle my move? A professional moving company will have safety measures in place for your instrument to prevent damage during transportation. They also will have special devices to inspect your instrument, to make sure it isn’t damaged while being moved. This inspection will usually take place the day before the move, or a few days before depending on the distance of the instruments.

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