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Cheval Pool Table Moving

Moving a pool table is a big deal. It can be a very tedious, time consuming task. It may not be the best idea in some cases. It just makes sense to hire licensed, professional movers to do it for you. If you are going to move your pool tables, here are some moving tips to help you.

You want to make sure your pool table is safe during the move. To do this, you will want to disassemble the pool table and then put it in the truck of the moving company. The moving company will provide you with moving directions. They will also show you how to disassemble it safely.

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Now you have to disassemble it into sections. Start by removing the legs. You will need to remove the shank, then the bass, then the bottom and then the support arms.

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Here you want to put the bottom apart first. Then you will put it on the ground and start to unscrew it from the frame. Now you can take off the legs and then the base. You can then put all four corners together and screw them together.

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Then take the arms out. The first thing you want to do is put the shanks together and then attach the arm brackets to the shanks. Then put the bottom apart and you can start to put the legs in. You can put the support arms in next. Before you put everything back together, you will want to put lubricant in all of the joints.

Best Pool Table Moving in Cheval, Florida

Finally, you will put everything together back together. Remember to put all of the screws back in and to apply some lubricant to any joints where you may have rusted them. This will help your table last for years. Make sure you clean the table before you store it away. When you are done cleaning, you will want to put a tarp over it to protect it so that it is protected from rain and snow.

Best Pool Table Moving in Cheval, Florida

Before you put everything together, you will want to take a swivel that is made especially for the table. You can purchase these at your local hardware store or online. Then you will want to put the legs into their mounts. Next, you will want to secure the bottom onto the swivel and then secure the arm brackets to the frame. Finally you will want to put the arms on and put everything into the box and use the packing tape to hold everything in place.

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Pool table moving can be easy when you know what you are doing. If you ever decide to hire someone to move one for you, make sure that you pick a professional that knows how to do pool table moving. It is important that they know how to work around things like shelves and other items that can damage your table. Also remember that you will need to protect the area around your table from damage. This includes putting a tarp over it to protect it if you have it on your deck and even sealing off the base to keep water out.

Pool Table Moving Cheval FL