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Clearwater Pool Table Moving

A pool table is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture you can own. It takes hours of painstaking work to assemble, transport, disassemble, and store properly, not to mention its high-maintenance cost. The more you care for your pool table, the longer it will last you. There are some simple ways to extend the life of your pool table:

Follow these pool table moving tips to reduce the number of trips you have to make to your local moving supply store. Keep in mind that pool tables are heavy and expensive, and buying new furniture will most likely cost more than buying the old table. Moving your table requires more care, and with proper care, your table will last for years to come.

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To begin, remove the legs, and then the base from your table. Now, disassemble the four corners into two separate pieces: the base and the wrap around. Lay the base on a flat surface, and then take apart the wrap around. Lay the pieces side-by-side, and then remove the bottom layer. You’ll want to dry each piece thoroughly before putting them back together. If you’ve used a storage box to transport your pool items, put those pieces inside to keep them organized and safe.

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While you’re at it, be sure to disassemble any accessories that come with your table. Those boxes or bags can be very helpful when it comes time to put the table together. If you’ve purchased a special glass or acrylic playing surface, you’ll need to remove that first, and then unscrew the pieces from their slots. Then you can remove the legs from the frame, as well as any other parts that attach to the frame.

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Once all of the legs are removed, you can put the table top on. If your table is removable, put padding right on the floor. Otherwise, you’ll need to lay some plywood or carpet on the floor so that nothing gets damaged while moving the table around. If you have the luxury of a moving truck, or an assistant, having a helper can really help!

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Next, take off the wings and any caps on the table. Next, unscrew the screws on the bottom, then unscrew the legs. If the legs are removable, detach them from the rest of the table. At this point, you can put everything back together, but if not, simply put everything back in its slot. If you have a pressurized container that needs to be emptied, hose it out before putting everything back together. Your goal is to prevent water damage to both your lining and paint.

Best Pool Table Moving in Clearwater, Florida

When you have put everything back together, you can apply the appropriate weatherproofing and sealant. Make sure you test the table, to make sure that you can lift and maneuver it. Move the table as little as possible, to see how much movement you have to do to make sure that the sealant adheres properly. You don’t want anything to affect the finish of your table.

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With the proper care and attention, your pool table moving parts will last a very long time. And since they are easily moved, you won’t need to buy new ones every year! So what are you waiting for? Get started today. Enjoy the memories!

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