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East Lakes Pool Table Moving

Pool table moving can be a difficult task. It’s not as easy as just loading it up on the truck and driving it off to a specified location. Moving pool tables takes skill, patience, and proper tools to ensure that the tables are well taken care of during the move. This article will give you some useful tips for moving pool tables.

The first step in moving a pool table is to disassemble and assemble it. Take note of the weight and size of your pool table. Do not put any bulky items on it, to avoid it from tipping over or causing injury. Remove any cushions, pool table netting, cleaning fluids, straps, and any other loose materials. If you are using a truck, disassemble all parts before putting them inside the truck. If using a boat, disassemble it first and then put it inside the boat’s compartment.

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Now that you’ve taken note of the weight and size of your pool table, your next step in how to move a pool table is assembly. Stand on the table and make sure it is completely vertical and parallel to the ground. Then, slide the legs and rollers forward. Make sure they’re all straight and stationary. You can use a level to make sure there aren’t any bumps in the surface. You may also use a level to check if they are level or not.

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Once you’ve successfully set the table up, you can now roll it down flat and start driving it across the floor. Put enough force on the rollers so that they slide freely on the floor. For larger tables, you can put the dollies under the rollers to keep them from getting damaged. If you need to put more weight on the rollers, do that now.

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Once you’re done with the table’s moving process, your next consideration will be how to move a pool table across the yard. The easiest way to go about this is to put a dolly behind the table. Then, put your feet under the table and balance it on those two points. This will stabilize the table and protect it from tipping over.

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If you don’t have any storage for your pool equipment like chests or shelves, you can try putting the pieces on top of one another. You can prop each other up a bit to get the leverage needed to pull the entire set. However, this may cause them to tip over as well. If you want to avoid this, the best option for how to move a pool table is to put it on its side. That way, it will be protected from tipping over while you put it in the yard.

Best Pool Table Moving in East Lakes, Florida

When you are learning how to move a pool table, it is important that you keep in mind that you might encounter some obstacles along the way. For instance, if you are not familiar with the procedure, you should not try to put the pool table too high or low. You will risk it tipping over because it won’t have enough balance. You also need to keep an eye out for sharp objects in the yard such as branches, rocks or trash cans. These can damage your pool table which could hinder its movement.

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Before you begin learning how to move a pool table, it is a good idea to look into renting a moving company. That way, you won’t have to worry about the procedure. These professionals will be able to properly transport your equipment safely while protecting it from danger.

Pool Table Moving East Lakes FL