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Moving a pool table requires a bit of know-how, and knowing what to do can save you time and money. Moving the table by yourself can save you a lot of money if you can accomplish the job properly. Many people try to tackle the task of moving a pool table on their own, only to end up with broken furniture or damaged equipment. It’s not the end of the world to try and move your table by yourself, but it’s best to use a professional mover for the job. Professionals have the experience you need to move your pool table without damage. Here are some helpful moving tips.

Do-it-yourself pool table movers often don’t disassemble and assemble pool tables properly. While disassembling the table is important, assembly is key. You should unpack the table completely, including the base and legs, and lay the table on its side, with its bottom in place. You’ll want to disassemble the table later, because disassembling the table allows you to check parts for cracks and damage. If there are any major problems, such as heavy damage or broken legs, you need to call a professional to come and fix it. This applies to pool tables with detachable bases, as well.

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Before disassembling your pool table, you should be sure that all the balls are accounted for. If not, you may end up with a pool table full of broken balls, which will need to be replaced. Next, remove the legs from the table, and if need be, detach the base as well. The goal of this process is to make sure that the pool table doesn’t move during transport. You can use a dolly to help move the table or get the weight of a person or a small child to help move it.

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Once the legs of your pool table moving are disassembled, they can be cleaned and lubricated. Lubrication ensures that the movement is smooth and comfortable. Next, you should put towels on the moving limbs to absorb any excess moisture that might form. Place them over the entire moving assembly, so that they won’t get wet. You can also paint them with something that won’t be damaged when you move them.

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Once both the base and the legs of the table have been cleaned and lubricated, you can assemble the base. Start by securing the base to the table, using brushes or something similar. The legs should be secured to the table as well, using brushes again. When the legs are screwed together, use special rubber mallets to pound them into place until they’re secure. Don’t forget to put covers over the base and table, so that no water gets in.

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Now that your pool table is assembled, you can move it to the freestanding configuration. To do this, you can put a broom handle on the bottom of the table. Begin to swing the table until you feel the vibrations become noticeable, and then put all the screws on the ground. Then, you can slide the broom handle forward and continue to swing the table until it moves smoothly and easily. If there are any obstacles in your way, try to align them before swinging your pool table.

Best Pool Table Moving in Odessa, Florida

Next, you can put the legs on the table and begin to secure them. Make sure that the legs are lined up before putting them on. Once the legs are on, you can slowly turn the table until it moves with the momentum. If there are any tables that need to be moved, make sure you take care not to hurt yourself or others when doing so.

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Pool table moving can be a fun activity for all ages but remember that you should be careful. Always take your time and be careful when moving a pool table. Also, before beginning, make sure that you have all the necessary equipment, as well as a first aid kit, in case something goes wrong. For more information on how to move your table safely, check out “Swimming Pool Table Moving Tips”, available on our website.

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