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Town 'n' Country Pool Table Moving

Moving your pool table requires some patience and determination. There are certain steps you can take to make the process go smoothly and insure you’ll get the job done efficiently. It’s a good idea to enlist the help of a licensed moving company. Here are several tips on how to move a pool table:

Know how to disassemble and assemble a pool table moving device. The manufacturer’s instruction manual may indicate how to do the job step by step. However, if you’re not familiar with devices made specifically for pool tables, it may be helpful to enlist the help of a professional. Licensed movers with experience disassembling and assembling pool tables can make the process go smoothly. They can also put all of the pieces back together again for your convenience.

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Be sure to remove the base of the pool table from the ground first. Once the base is off, unplug the power cord from the wall and disassemble the device completely. If there are moving parts, such as the frame or spring arrangement, they will need to be disassembled and held securely in place until it is time to transport it to the new location. This will save time when putting it all back together again.

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Assemble the pool table taking special care to ensure that parts are level and securely fastened. You will probably need to add some additional padding to the bottom and sides to keep debris from settling in during the disassembly process. When putting it all back together, secure the springs carefully with rubber washers. Then, reassemble the legs, shanks, and table top. If you have any special instructions, be sure to follow them carefully.

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You may have realized by now that it can be difficult to move a pool table. Fortunately, there are many companies on the Internet who offer to move it for you. The price varies according to the distance of the table and the difficulty of the task. Some companies charge a flat fee and simply pick it up at your home. Others may require an additional fee, but will move it for free.

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Before choosing a company, ask for customer testimonials and referrals. Check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure the moving company is a member. Read through the company’s terms of service to see if they have included insurance for damaged items and if they’re moving prices are competitive.

Best Pool Table Moving in Town 'n' Country, Florida

If you decide to try your own hand at relocating the pool table, you should follow the manufacturers recommendations. The manufacturer packed it tightly to ensure it will not fall over. Place the table in a sturdy chair or deck before starting. Otherwise, the springs will likely pop out and cause an accident.

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Remember to take all of the appropriate safety precautions when relocating your pool table. Do not attempt to move it by yourself, while using heavy equipment. Use an adult to help you with any tasks. And always double check that you’ve packed the table in the same way as it came packaged.

Pool Table Moving Town 'n' Country FL