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University Pool Table Moving

Moving a pool table is not as simple as you may think. Even if you have had experience moving a basketball set or a similar type of equipment, moving a pool table is different. It takes special care and attention to detail to ensure that the move goes smoothly and the table remains safe during the move.

If you are considering having your pool table moved, consider hiring a licensed moving company. While most people would try to tackle the job themselves, it is nearly impossible to do properly. A professional will know exactly how to do what needs to be done safely. If you choose to attempt the move yourself, don’t take any chances. It is better to leave the heavy lifting up to a professional.

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Before even beginning the pool table moving process, make sure all of the items are in good, working order. Make certain all straps and accessories are secure on the unit. Then, remove the cushions and other things from the table so that they are safe from the moving truck. The safest spot to be while the table is in transport is on top of the bed of the truck, where it won’t blow over or tip the unit over.

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Some pool table moving companies offer portable moving carts that are easy to load and unload. Ask about rental fees and whether or not they will provide the table and its accessories at no charge. Most reputable companies will offer this because it is good for their business. However, it is still a good idea to check into prices before making a final decision. If they are too high, you may have better options available.

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When you have found a moving company that you are interested in working with, ask them for specific instructions for moving your pool table. You must follow them closely to ensure everything is done right. Once the transportation is completed, inspect your pool table after to ensure no damage was done during transport. It would be a shame to discover after all the money you spent that your pool table looks like new after it has been carted across town.

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Before you ever sign on the bottom line of any contract with a pool table moving company, you must know how much it will cost to move the unit. The costs will vary depending on the distance the table needs to be moved, how many people are in the moving party, how large the pool table is, and whether or not the item needs to be secured or not. Many companies will provide you with an estimate of how much the entire transaction will cost. Ask for a written estimate rather than an estimate online so you can be absolutely sure that it is written up on paper.

Best Pool Table Moving in University, Florida

Your items must be insured while in the moving party’s possession. It would be unpleasant to discover you’ve paid all of the moving fees only to learn that all of your prized pool cues and other game pieces are damaged or lost. Ask about the moving policy before you sign anything. Moving companies understand that it is frustrating to lose expensive items during a move. Therefore, they usually include coverage on their insured items.

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Moving day is just one of many stressful instances involved in moving a pool table. You should prepare yourself mentally by spending some time each day playing billiards or other games that do not involve moving large objects around. It also helps to set up a family meeting place at home just before the big day so everyone can get together to plan for the big day. Your family members can also help with packing. Lastly, it never hurts to ask a friend or family member to help out in the preparations, which will allow you all to relax and enjoy the day.

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